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At Gaea's Blessing we aim to promote sustainable growing methods, protect biodiversity, and to do our best to ensure the wellness of the environment.

We understand that seeds and agriculture support the basis of our lives, and moreover, firmly believe that we must work towards protecting this foundation by ensuring a safe and genetically stable source for future generations to come.


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We aim to protect culturally diverse seed varieties to ensure the stability of our ecosystems and our environment. It is our firm belief that many modern agricultural practices have caused irreversible damage to the environment, among which gene technologies have not been thoroughly tested prior to public release and pose an unacceptable risk to our environment. We do not knowingly offer any genetically modified or engineered seed varieties and follow the guidelines set forth by the Safe Seed Pledge.
We select our seeds based on culturally and ecologically informed research focused on preserving ecological balance and diversity. We aim to enrich our world while minimizing any detrimental impact we might have on it. By purchasing our seeds you are helping to distribute seeds that can truly bring about a positive impact on the environment.
We want to bring about an awareness of the impact agriculture can have on the environment and to promote an understanding of sustainable practices to ensure the longevity of the ecosystems we interact with. We hope that our product lines as well as our cultural hints can lead the way to bringing about a movement of sustainable growing methods.
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